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Corbin Elementary Renovation & Addition

Corbin Independent Schools, Corbin, KY
Corbin Elementary

Corbin Elementary Renovation & Addition

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With the District opening the new Corbin Middle School facility in August 2018, the original Middle School and Edwards Gymnasium were renovated into the Corbin Elementary School with a student enrollment of 500 students. The “traditional building”, now Corbin Elementary, was the first school in Corbin Schools and is still the oldest today, so it was important to both the community and the District to re-purpose the building and maintain its strong presence in downtown Corbin.

Building’s revitalization included a new HVAC system, new lay-in ceilings, and new LED lighting throughout the building amongst other minor interior improvements. Edwards Gymnasium was a standalone building separated from the classroom building by 8th Street. One of the biggest improvements was to improve safety with the addition of a walkway between the school and gym replacing an existing road which was potentially hazardous to cross.

The existing exterior windows of the classroom building were retrofitted to accommodate an HVAC renovation in the late 1970’s, with the new HVAC system, the louver system above the existing windows was removed and new windows fill the original masonry openings and return the building to its original character. The front entry addition and new connector will feature a mixture of masonry brick veneer and stonework to incorporate existing exterior finishes. The current classroom building and Edwards Gymnasium are also sprinklered to meet code requirements.

The project included significant site work including the demolition of 8th Street to allow for the new connector; a reconfigured student drop-off loop for vehicular traffic at the rear of the building; and a new bus lane from South Kentucky Avenue (KY HWY 25) to provide separation of buses and cars at the front of the building. The new bus loop features a new covered entry component at the main entrance to the classroom building. Site work also included new parking areas with new site signage to better define staff and visitor parking areas.