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Forest Boulevard

East St. Louis Housing Authority, IL

Forest Blvd homes provide both duplex and single-family style homes with an upscale image.

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Project Details

As part of the firm’s Annual Contract with ESLHA, Sherman Carter Barnhart designed four new residential homes along Forest Boulevard. The goal of the development was to provide both duplex and single-family-style homes with an upscale image. Located on vacant land just north of ESLHA’s other Forest Blvd. development the new development provides a new image for the neighborhood.

The four new buildings offer an abundance of windows to create a healthy living environment, as well as improved energy efficiency with Energy Star Certified appliances, efficient heating/cooling systems, water consumption, and LED lighting.

Front porches encourage residents to engage and create a sense of community. Homes are located close in proximity to the street to create natural surveillance, improving safety and security. Parking and vehicular access are in the rear, to once again improve safety.