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Jody Richards Elementary

Warren County Board of Education · Bowling Green, Kentucky
Net Zero Ready
Energy Star

The traditional brick two-story design, complements the existing neighborhood surrounding the site.

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A Net Zero Ready School

Jody Richards Elementary was designed to follow the energy reducing design strategies implemented at Richardsville Elementary – the nation’s first net zero school – and Bristow Elementary –Kentucky’s first net zero ready school – Jody Richards has achieved a 75% energy reduction and includes the infrastructure to add solar panels in the future, thus achieving “net zero ready” status.

The building is a traditional brick two-story design, which complements the existing neighborhood surrounding the site. Due to the linear nature of the property, the school is oriented on the east-west axis, enabling all standard classrooms to take full advantage of a south orientation and maximize daylighting strategies.

The two-story media center is the heart of the school. It features a glass “cornerstone” that floods the space with natural daylight and allows a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Adjacent hallways have floor-to-ceiling windows with views into the media center as well.

The lobby features a “town hall” theme, with brick facades that accent entrances to the gymnasium, cafeteria and media center. A grand staircase and balconies connect the second floor activities and provide a centrally located circulation point to all the public spaces. Polished concrete and no-wax resilient floors significantly reduce the long-term maintenance in the school.

Green kitchen strategies eliminate deep fryers and tilting skillets to reduce energy, also supporting the district-wide initiative to provide healthier lunches for the students.

Jody Richards operates at 16.6 kBtu/sf/yr creating an average savings of over $141,000 a year in energy costs.