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Penske Trucking Rental Facilities

Louisville, Kentucky
Penske Trucking Rental Facilities

Penske Trucking Rental Facility

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Sherman Carter Barnhart has provided design services under a design-build contract with Penske Trucking for 11 locations throughout the United States. The typical Penske Rental facility consists of

  • Truck Rental
  • Truck Leasing Offices
  • Truck wash
  • Truck repair garage with 3 to 5 lifts

The garage/warehouses range from 9,000 s.f. to 15,642 sf and is a pre-engineered metal building roof structure, with split face CMU walls up to 14’-0” above finished floor.

The office portion varies from about 3,300 s.f. to about 8,800 s.f. The construction of the office is load bearing, insulated split face CMU and steel joist construction with a built-up roof.

Site accommodations included maneuvering room for the large trucks, as well as maximized areas for multiple trucks to connect to block heaters. For safety purposes car and truck traffic is separated.

Sherman Carter Barnhart has designed these facilities in:

  • Louisville, KY – 30,000 SF/1 Story
  • Kansas City, MO – 4,118 SF/1 Story
  • Des Moines, IA – 22,000 SF Renovation
  • Richmond, IN – 2,880 SF Addition/ 4,080 SF Renovation/ 1 Story
  • Springfield, MO – 13,834 SF/1 Story
  • Louisville, KY – 16,900 SF/1 Story
  • Milwaukee, WI – 15,478 SF/1 Story
  • Greenbay, WI – 15,000 SF Renovation
  • Erlanger, KY – 15,000 SF Renovation
  • Omaha, NE – 15,000 SF Renovation
  • Indianapolis, IN – 9,112 SF Addition/ 4,126 SF Renovation/ 1 Story