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The Governors Mansion

Frankfort, Kentucky
The Governors Mansion Sitting Room

The Governors Mansion Sitting Room

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Kentucky’s Governor’s Mansion has served as home to the state’s governors since 1914. In 1972, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In need of renovation and restoration, Sherman Carter Barnhart was asked by the Governor’s Mansion Preservation Foundation (GMP Foundation) to provide an assessment of the mansion. Upon completion of the assessment, Sherman Carter Barnhart was asked to coordinate and provide design services for the Governor’s Mansion Historic Restoration, with the intent to restore the architectural significance of the Mansion while protecting the building’s integrity. Working closely with the GMP Foundation we established a phased implementation plan for the complete restoration, that included:

Phase I:
The replacement of the aged HVAC system with a new, more efficient one and installing new double-paned, insulated windows and doors.

Officially referred to as the State Floor, repairs to the damaged plaster and paint on the first floor of the Governor’s Mansion began once the environment was stabilized. This included the plaster and paint mantles that had separated from the walls, flooring that had developed gaps, trim and molding that was cracked and deteriorated, were all stripped, repaired, reattached, repainted and refinished. Repair and replacement of the draperies, rugs, and furniture in the hallways, dining rooms, reception rooms, stairways, and ballroom were also included in this phase.

Phase II:
Surface deterioration and unsafe conditions necessitated the demolition and repair of the drainage system, foundation, and surface of the rear patio area behind the Governor’s Mansion.

Phase III:
The administrative offices, security offices, kitchen, mechanical and other service rooms are located on the basement or Service Floor. Because the needs of staff and security have evolved throughout the years, some remodeling and a few room adjustments took place in this area.

Phase IV:
The final phase of the preservation project focused on the private residence of Governor and the Governor’s family areas of the mansion. This included repairing and restoring the area to an acceptable condition as well as replacing the worn draperies, carpets, rugs, and furniture.