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Willis H. Justice Elementary

Clark County Board of Education · Winchester, Kentucky

The two story entry piece is designed to create a recognizable entry that promotes a sense of welcome.

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Focus on Student Performance

“The secure entry vestibule, classroom arrangement, and the use of interior and exterior lighting, all contribute to a school that is easy to supervise and where students, teachers and parents feel safe.”

Kathy Fields, Retired Superintendent, Jessamine County Schools


Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects guided community members, staff and School Board Members through vision sessions where they listened to ideas and gained an understanding of the stakeholder’s vision and expectations for the project. Stakeholders continued to be involved throughout the design process to ensure that they understood how their ideas were being incorporated into the new school.

The school design organizes the building into two major sections, one being the academic areas and the other being the shared public spaces. The Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Media Center and Administration are clustered around the entrance lobby at the front of the school where they are easily accessible to both the student population as well as community members. This arrangement provides easily supervised spaces that can be secured from the academic portion of the building during after hours use. To support the school’s instructional model of team teaching, classrooms are arranged in groups of 6 around an extended learning center. Every classroom is provided with natural daylighting and views of the exterior to increase the student performance.

The new school is built on an existing site which already is home to a middle school as well as an elementary school. This existing site posed several challenges including maintaining circulation to the two existing schools, constructing the new elementary school while keeping the existing elementary school in operation, laying out the new bus and automobile circulation to work with both the existing and new site plan. Sherman Carter Barnhart’s site designers successfully situated the new school on the site in a manner that incorporated the new bus and automobile traffic into the existing circulation in a safe manner while allowing the existing elementary school to stay in operation during the construction of the new school.