Fayette County Teachers Ready For School To Start


More than 40,000 students will head back to school on Wednesday in Fayette County, where teachers and administrators have been getting ready for their return.

At Garden Springs Elementary School, teachers have had less than than usual to get ready due to classroom renovations.

Teachers didn’t officially start back to school until Monday, but they spent much of last week in training.

Since then, they’ve been unpacking their materials and decorating their rooms for the more than 500 students that attend the school.

Renovations began a year ago at the elementary school, forcing some teachers to pack up their rooms and unpack in a different part of the building as construction continued through the last school year.

Now, all the classrooms are renovated, giving teachers an updated space to make their own on a more permanent basis.

Kathy Spencer, a teacher at the school, said, “It’s so inviting for students and myself to come into a colorful classroom with bright colors.”

Renovations will continue at the school for the first half of the year on other parts of the building including the cafeteria, art room, and science lab.

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