Greenwood High School Breaks Ground on New Auxiliary Gymnasium

Jennifer Cash, AIA

There’s nothing quite like seeing a project get “off the ground.”

We’re thrilled to have designed the Greenwood High School auxiliary gym project, and we’ll be even more thrilled to see students enjoying it. Sherman Carter Barnhart’s Jennifer Cash, AIA, the project manager for the gymnasium and Principal Kenny Stanfield, were on hand for the groundbreaking.

“We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with the district in achieving their goal to have four exemplary high schools,” Cash said. “The students and staff are looking forward to these changes and are excited to see the changes it will bring to their campus.  These are the moments we enjoy, being part of such great excitement and energy.”

The new gymnasium is scheduled to open in August of 2020. Congratulations to Greenwood High and all of the folks who made this gymnasium a reality.

Read more about the project at WBKO’s website.



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