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Roselle, Smith, Baldwin & Ingles Residence Halls

University of Kentucky
Roselle Residence Hall

Roselle Residence Hall

Credits: With Ayers Saint Gross Architects

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The Baldwin, Ingles and Smith Residence Halls form a new quadrangle connecting the open space between Kirwin, Blanding and Woodland Glen residence complexes on the south side of campus.  The new green space includes opportunities for recreation and social interaction between all residents within this complex, thereby extending the sense of community for the students.

The residence halls are primarily composed of shared bath semi-suites, offering a classroom, faculty/grad apartment, three main lounges, and six study rooms. The spacious lobby also provides a connection to the courtyard thereby engaging the building with the outdoor space.

Roselle Residence Hall is situated at the corner of Avenue of Champions and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The new four story residence hall frames a south facing courtyard while maintaining a pedestrian walkway diagonally across the site. Near the Music Department, the residence hall features 6 practice rooms, a small performance venue, and two faculty apartments – all designed to enhance synergies between residential and academic life. The ground floor includes a café opening onto the courtyard and the busy street corner, becoming a gathering spot and amenity for students in the adjacent residence halls.

Each residential floor is divided into two potential living and learning environments connected by shared amenities and a wide glass bridge with views to the courtyard. The halls are primarily composed of shared bath semi-suites, but include a wide range of living-learning components such as classrooms, faculty apartments, and a gallery/multipurpose space.

The project included site utilities, landscape improvements, and street modifications phased to minimize the impact on living conditions in the adjacent residential buildings and the traffic network in and around campus.

Sherman Carter Barnhart was the Architect of record for the project and was part of Messer Construction’s Design-Build team implementing ASG’s bridging documents.