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Bardstown Elementary

Bardstown City Schools | Bardstown, Kentucky
Bardstown Elementary

Kentucky’s first zero-energy emerging, disaster-resilient public school.

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 Kentucky’s first zero-energy emerging, disaster-resilient public school.

Opening in Fall 2021, the new school will house 850 students in grades second through fifth. Each grade is organized as a pod, with classrooms surrounding a flexible learning resource area. Second and third grades are located on the first floor, with the third, fourth, and fifth grades on the second floor.

The central space is a flexible commons area which boasts a social stair, a “recreational” slide, and a movie screen. In the mornings and afternoons, the space is used as a staging area for students arriving and departing, as well as the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch. Due to the flexibility and technology available throughout the day it will be used for a variety of educational opportunities for various sized groups.

The gymnasium opens up to the commons, featuring a stage and seating for 850. The gym is designated as a community tornado shelter, able to withstand tornadic winds of 250 mph. It is designed to operate independently (ventilation, plumbing, and electricity) during and after a weather event.

On the second floor, the media center overlooks the commons, and features multiple zones of flexible seating and furnishings to accommodate varied educational settings. It also houses a wireless computer lab, story-telling area, and makers space.

The building is compact in size and volume and constructed with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) to maximize energy efficiency. A 30kw solar array will help to offset energy consumption during a typical school day.

The exterior design of the school features many of the traditional details found throughout the historical Bardstown community.