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Cumberland Trace Elementary

Warren County Public Schools | Bowling Green, KY

Zero-Energy Emerging School

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Cumberland Trace Elementary exemplifies district-wide initiatives to reduce energy consumption, featuring a 50kW solar energy system that positions the school on the path to zero-energy status. As a state-of-the-art replacement facility, the new campus fosters a strong sense of community, marked by a vibrant mascot mural that greets visitors at the entrance. Upon entering, students are captivated by a curvilinear floor pattern in the lobby, designed to engage their curiosity and imagination.

The educational environment prioritizes holistic learning through the inclusion of extended learning spaces, group study zones, and a prominent collaboration staircase. To further enhance cultural enrichment, the school features a multifunctional Cafetorium equipped with a stage, aiming to elevate the performing arts.

Transforming the traditional library concept, a Media Hub offers diverse learning spaces suitable for both individual and group activities. It comprises strategically placed and easily supervised computer workstations. Adding an element of playful innovation, a “recreational” slide connects extended learning areas to the Media Hub. Integrated within the Media Hub are maker spaces and a STEM lab, deliberately designed to facilitate group interactions and cultivate collaborative problem-solving skills.

In line with district-wide health initiatives, the school’s kitchen adopts eco-friendly practices by eliminating deep fryers and tilting skillets. This not only reduces energy consumption but also aligns with the commitment to provide healthier lunch options for students.