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Early Learning Center

Spencer County Schools | Taylorsville, KY

New Spencer County Early Learning Center

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After Taylorsville Elementary moved to a new facility in 2017, Spencer County Schools began making plans for the old facility.  The original wing was built in the 1930’s, with numerous additions and renovations since that time.  The building needed extensive demolition, renovation, and a new addition in order to become a district-wide Early Learning Center for Preschool and Head Start.

While the original wing was in poor condition, the rich history and tradition of the building was important to the community.  The wood flooring in the original Gymnasium was salvaged for use in the new facility prior to demolition.  The remaining building was renovated extensively, including site improvements, new interior finishes, HVAC, security, and lighting.  A new Multi-Purpose Room and Kitchen addition was built where the original building once stood.  The Multi-Purpose Room serves as both an indoor motor skills area as well as a Cafeteria for the preschool students.  A pre-function space between the original building and the Multi-Purpose Room features built-in seating for instruction and pays homage to the history of the school with the original gym flooring and center court circle.

Site improvements include a dedicated bus loop separate from a car drop-off area, new canopies at drop-off areas, a new kitchen service area, and a new courtyard with three enclosed playground areas tucked away from the public streets.  The new kitchen also serves the Hillview Academy students next door, so maintaining a pedestrian connection was critical to the design of the addition.

A portion of the second floor of the existing facility was also renovated for their after-school program.  The remaining second-floor area will undergo a future renovation to centralize the district’s kindergarten program at this facility as well.