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Lextran Corporate Offices & Maintenance Facility

Lexington, Kentucky
LEED Gold Certified
Lextran Corporate Office

Lextran Corporate Office

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The new Lextran Corporate Office is located on a 13-acre reclaimed brownfield site, in a light industrial area 2 miles from downtown Lexington. The size of the site, allows LexTran to locate their administrative, as well as, maintenance, bus wash, and fueling center to this new location. The site also provides visitor and staff parking for LexTran’s 200+ employees. 5.25 acres of heavy-duty concrete was constructed to support parking LexTran’s entire fleet of 74 busses, with the ability to expand up to 100 busses.

The Administration Building is LEED Gold Certified, and features an Urban Industrial architectural style, contextually relating to the industrial nature of the area. Designed to provide and promote public use of the facility, the 2-story, 23,000 SF facility provides offices for all administrative and operational staff, as well as a shared corporate training facility, providing much-needed community meeting and gallery spaces. The Administration building is sited to maximize natural daylighting opportunities from the northerly and southerly exposure.

The Bus Wash facility includes the latest technology for wash facilities, incorporating the use of recycled water through a reverse osmosis procedure to conserve water. A fueling center is incorporated into the campus to dispense unleaded and diesel fuel, with underground raceways for future fueling and charging for CNG and electric transit vehicles.

The site design incorporates sustainable features such as; bioswales and plantings, as well as permeable paving. The site design also incorporated water quality units and the use of oil/water separators. An existing box culvert under West Loudon Ave was extended requiring USACE 404 and KYDOW 401 permits, and coordination with KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KYDFWR) and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). To ease access, Loudon Avenue was widened to include left and right turn lanes.

Due to the nature of the brownfield site, the site design required extensive coordination within the constraints of existing monitoring wells and waste management units. Multiple government agencies were involved in the coordination, review, approval and construction process including: Lextran, LFUCG Planning & Zoning and Building Inspection, Federal and State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), U.S. Department of Transportation, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), KY Division of Water (KYDOW), KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KYDFWR) and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).