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Lone Oak Middle School

McCracken County Board of Education, Paducah

Kentucky’s newest 21st Century Education & Energy School, Lone Oak Middle.

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Lone Oak Middle School represents the latest in 21st Century Education and Energy by creating a flexible learning environment to accommodate innovative learning and a performing arts center, within KDE model middle school footprint. Additionally, the middle school is designed to be a highly energy efficient building that is easy to maintain and overall costs less to operate.

Flexibility in learning is enhanced with the use of eight flex labs to accommodate the science curriculum, as well as computer, health and business labs. Within each lab, 3D printing technology and digital animation augment 21st Century innovation, with hands-on learning and critical thinking at the root of its capabilities. Each flex lab has an operable wall to allow the neighboring classroom access, introducing multi-functional learning.

The Media Hub is the ‘hub’ of the building, offering multiple dynamic seating zones, allowing for presentations, research, quiet reading, 3D printing, and media production.

The acoustically designed 662 seat/ 9,100 SF auditorium serves as a performing arts center for students, to engage creative thinking, teamwork, and artistry. Theater seating allows for an authentic theatrical experience, with room for band, choir, and other similar performances. Green rooms and a black box stage allow for ‘ease of access’ set productions. Innovative stage lighting heightens the quality of the performances.

For indoor sporting events, the Gymnasium is a multi-purpose space for the school and community, with seating capacity for 980 spectators, and full-sized audio-visual screens encouraging multi-functional use. Lone Oak Middle will also be home to district-wide middle school athletic facilities.

The increasing need for more technology is met through extensive technology integration throughout the building featuring ‘ device ready’ plug-in capabilities at every turn. Students, teachers and parents alike, can both charge their devices and connect to the wireless internet with ease.

Active daylighting occurs throughout the facility. The gymnasium features glazing above the sporting court, and the media hub is lit throughout, with double height glazing for a more enjoyable learning experience.

The middle school is designed to be a highly energy efficient building that is both easy to maintain as well as less costly to operate. Mechanical mezzanines and equipment closets for improved maintenance, make maintenance easy and less disruptive to the learning environment and thereby decrease the amount of long-term maintenance required.