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McCracken County High School

McCracken County Board of Education · Paducah, Kentucky
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McCracken County High School, Kentucky’s First 21st Century High School.

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Kentucky’s First 21st Century High School

“Our new high school is terrific – the enthusiasm and excitement of the staff and students has been incredible. The building is beautiful & the programs enables us to now offer are second to none! Working with Sherman Carter Barnhart from the initial planning meetings through the building’s completion I saw how their understanding of educational facilities and communication skills transformed our instructional vision into a 21st Century Learning Center.” – Michael Ceglinski, Principal, McCracken County High School


The new McCracken County High School creates a new instructional model for the state of Kentucky. Organized as small learning communities, each focused on a career cluster, the facility deepens student and teacher bonds while enhancing student performance. By focusing the student teacher relationship around career experiences, the students gain an understanding of how traditional academic subjects are relevant in the real world.

With guidance from Sherman Carter Barnhart, the district researched innovative instructional models and from this developed a program tailored to their unique programming needs. The process involved a series of brainstorming meetings with the high school and district staff. These first thoughts were studied further and tested by visiting schools across the nation that implemented similar instructional models under consideration.

Designed to house 2,000 students, the new school, provides a sustainable and healthy learning environment featuring traditional academic classrooms, career cluster labs, and science labs. The arts programs is accommodated within the music suite, art rooms and auditorium. The building’s athletic program includes competition level gymnasium and practice gym as well as a state-of-the-art athletic complex for football, track, soccer, baseball and softball.