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New Parking Structure No. 2

Western Kentucky University
New Parking Structure No. 2

The new Parking Structure No. 2, is a 800 car, pre-cast parking structure.

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Sherman Carter Barnhart working with Carl Walker, Inc. provided planning, design and construction oversight for a multi-phased, multi faceted project to improve campus parking, including;

New Parking Structure No. 2

To meet the present and future needs of WKU’s population, Sherman Carter Barnhart and Carl Walker Inc. designed Parking Structure No. 2  to hold 800-cars in a pre-cast parking structure adjacent to Diddle Arena. The new structure is designed to provide a high level of passive security for users by providing an open, well-lighted parking structure. The exterior design is in scale with the adjacent parking structure and utilizes the red brick found throughout the campus. In addition, it was also designed to easily expand vertically for additional parking decks.

Parking Structure No. 1 Renovation

After a complete assessment of the existing garage, Sherman Carter Barnhart and Carl Walker Inc. provided design services to repair the horizontal concrete slabs, as well as the cleaning and re-striping of the deck to create additional parking spaces.

New Ground Level Lot

The construction of a new 35 car parking lot located between Dogwood Drive and the existing concrete parking structure along University Drive. To provide screening as well as soften the area, trees and shrubs were installed around the parking lot and along the new entry and fence.

New Flag Plaza

Sherman Carter Barnhart’s Landscape Architecture/Site Design Division designed pedestrian and streetscape improvements for the existing parking structure as well as a new flagpole plaza area between the new parking structure (designed by Sherman Carter Barnhart) and football stadium. In addition, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, fencing, plantings, and screening were designed and installed.